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Mentoring Women in Ministry/Leadership Roles

Providing guidance to women who feel called into leadership roles is near to Luann's heart. Many years ago she found little to no training or mentorship in this area. There are 7 steps she has designed from her past mistakes and learning curves. These steps will help others on their journey to fulfill God's plans for their lives.

Mentoring Married Women

 Don't give up on your marriage. Learn how to re-connect with your spouse in the midst of life's challenges. Discover principles of marriage that will enhance the marriage commitment.   

There are keys to a healthy marriage. Some of those keys include; learning to communicate differently, scriptural insights, and the art of compromise. Luann and her husband have been married for over 25 years.

Mentoring Moms

Our children are gifts from God. Whether your a mom of toddlers or teenagers, or step-children, God has a destiny for your kids to fulfill. It's time to discover how to unlock their potential. Luann has seen the pitfalls and wrong mindsets of child rearing and spent years on her knees seeking wisdom as to how to raise "good kids". Today, Luann and her husband have grown children who  love God and are flourishing.

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Details of the Mentorship program

Everyone's needs are different, therefore this mentorship program works at your own pace. There are 7 interactive steps designed to give guidance and allow for your feedback and questions. Each of the steps are conducted within a 60 minute phone appointment. However, depending on the person it may require less than, or more than 7 appointments. The cost of each appointment is $50. The goal is to provide assistance and encouragement with the amazing destiny God has for your life.

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To schedule your mentoring appointment please text the following number, 203-770-1074. You will receive a confirmation text and a available appointment. Once an appointment has been arranged please go to the bottom of this page to pay for your appointment. Dr. Luann Dunnuck will call you to begin this journey!


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Let's learn to thrive and not just survive this life.