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Holy Spirit Psychology

Are you trapped in an ongoing battle with negative emotions? Has anger, fear, guilt, rejection, depression or unforgiveness turned your joy of living into mere existing? Then it’s time to stop discussing your problem and start discovering your answer! Author Luann Dunnuck teaches on the three sources of negative thoughts and the principal of agreement that keeps us stuck in stress and toxic thinking . This book will help you to uncover the root of your negativity and then show you how to rely on God’s Holy Spirit for healing. By applying the incredible truths in this book, and relying on God, you can regain the joy of living!  

Chocolate Peanut Butter & Life

 Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and life reminds us to take time to enjoy the simple joys in life. With busy schedules, to do lists, and the demands on our time, we forget to enjoy life - and dessert! We all need to be reminded to stop and smell the chocolate. These encouraging excerpts and recipes will put a smile on anyone's face. Each chapter is both poignant and easy to understand and it ends with a simple but decadent dessert recipe. Topics include, the importance of rest, turning to God for strenght and peace, and family. In this book you will find something sweet for the body and soul! 

An Encouraging Word

This book is for anyone facing difficult situations and trials of life. You will be encouraged by the truth of the Word of God, as well as Luann's personal experiences. This book is a blueprint for health, vitality, and joy! An Encouraging Word teaches that no matter what the circumstances are, one's quality of life can improve. The reader learns practical keys to recover from life's heartaches and hardships. Anyone walking through life with a sadness in their soul should read an Encouraging Word. As you turn the pages of this book, you will regain emotional and spiritual strenght. 

The Timeless Treasure

Is a commentary on the  Song of Solomon. This book is a love letter from God to man. The book dialogues the relationship between King Solomon who represents Jesus, and His bride, who represents us, the church. We learn of the great affection the king has for her, and the great affection God has for us. The Timeless Treasure records the details of the Song of Solomon by examining the original Hebrew language. This book will help you better understand God's amazing love for  you.